Singapore woman accused of acting as Indian goddess faces charges such as pulling teeth of devotees, making them eat faeces South China Morning Post

To one expert’s point that sex education could be a good platform for teaching gender issues, she said that had already been addressed in the Ministry of Education’s Framework on Sexuality Education. Responding to additional questions on Article 5, another Singapore representative said the decline in the number of prosecutions and convictions for sexual offenders had occurred in the context of an overall decline in Singapore’s crime rate in recent years. The country had tough penal laws to deter and punish sexual crimes against women. On Article 5, concerning sex role stereotyping and education, she supplied statistics for questions concerning the number of boys choosing home economics and girls choosing technical studies.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam announced an initiative that will start in October which will include a series of engagements between the public and private sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations. These will culminate in a White Paper to be issued by the Government in the first half of 2021, which will consolidate feedback and recommendations during the sessions, to be called “Conversations on Women Development”. As it stands now, only Singaporean men can pass on their citizenship to their children born overseas. On the application of Muslim law in Singapore, it was said that Muslims in the country had the same rights and obligations as other citizens. The Administration of Muslim Law Act governed matters pertaining to Muslim religious affairs, the Shariah Court, marriage and divorce, property and certain prescribed offences.

In Singapore, education was free, and funding was provided to community groups to help children from humble and disadvantaged homes. The question really must be whether meritocracy in Singapore https://www.oberlo.com/blog/snapchat-statistics had resulted in better opportunities for women. Indeed, statistics had shown that the gender gap was closing in many important areas, including with respect to wages. This is the first comprehensive study of the impact of girls’ education on their construction of their gender identity. This gender ideology that is reflected in the education policies and curricula for schoolgirls emphasized patriarchal values and upheld traditional feminine virtues such as gentleness, docility and submissiveness. At the same time education and curricular policies encouraged girls to study the ‘hard’ sciences, like the boys.

Our survey showed that Malay pregnant women are likely to practice safe distancing and sanitise their hands at a higher frequency compared to Chinese to minimise the spread of COVID-19. In addition, women attending ‘high-risk’ clinics are more likely to stay at home compared to women attending find more at https://thegirlcanwrite.net/singapore-women/ ‘general clinics’. A plausible explanation suggests that women with high risk pregnancies are more likely to stay at home to minimize themselves or their foetuses from being infected with COVID-19 when compared to women with low risk pregnancies. Social media and information access in Singapore are readily available via the internet with majority owning mobile devices.

  • Respondents did not receive any incentive to complete the survey and standard of care was not affected if they did not participate in the online survey.
  • A representative of Singapore’s Council of Women’s Organizations provided the Committee with information about the role of the Council in the Convention process in the country.
  • Women had equal access to all components of the National AIDS Control Programme, which was drawn up in 1985.
  • Its main objective was to advance the status of women, working closely with the Government, corporations and other NGOs.
  • Such requirements were dependent upon each country’s unique needs and were gender-neutral.
  • The aim was to help those who wanted to “keep the pregnancy”, but were unable to do so for economic or other reasons.

In doing so, the author examines the gender ideology of the ruling elite through an analysis of its discourse on women and education. This will provide an understanding of the motivations https://b2b.partcommunity.com/community/groups/topic/view/group_id/831/topic_id/15421/post_id/40897 behind policies such as equal educational opportunities for girls, and will highlight the primacy of pragmatic considerations of national economic advancement.

Chapter 2: Pre-Independence State Discourse on Education and Women

There are currently limited cross-sectional studies addressing the attitude and perception of COVID-19 among pregnant women. These measures were performed without a ‘lock-down’ period unlike Singapore which implemented a colour-coded framework known as ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ to guide the public on prevention and reducing the impact of COVID-19. There are four statuses namely Green, Yellow, Orange and Red of which Singapore is at orange currently which meant that the disease is severe but has not spread widely and is being contained . The Singapore government implemented a ‘circuit-breaker’ in different phases’ akin to lock-down period in other countries to curb the community spread of COVID-19 . A circuit breaker is a set of safe distancing measures akin to a lock-down to pre-empt the trend of increasing transmission of COVID-19 by reducing significantly movements and interactions in places . Singaporeans are mostly compliant to the safe distancing measures as there are strict rules regarding social distancing with hefty fines and custodial sentences along with an effective enforcement ability. Meritocracy, she said, in response to a series of questions on the subject, was the very cornerstone of Singaporean society.

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As there is no convincing evidence of vertical transmission, vaginal delivery is not contraindicated in patients with COVID-19 . Thus, Caesarean section is preferred over vaginal delivery in the face of maternal deterioration and fetal compromise where delivery is imminent. However, logistical issues can arise from the transfer of patients in hospital to labour ward or the availability of operating theatre to perform a caesarean section with negative pressure to minimize the risk of transmission. Hence, clinicians should counsel women on the appropriate mode of delivery as there is a lack of data and uncertainty surrounding the risk of perinatal transmission during vaginal deliveries. The Government of Singapore, she said, had to be sensitive to the different cultural and religious beliefs of its people, as they were the foundation of the country’s social and political stability. No legislation had specifically set out a definition of discrimination against women, but she agreed that it should cover both intentional discrimination and discrimination in effect. There could be instances, however, where specific policies, laws or practices might, in effect, not be fully consistent with the Convention.

In 2007, marital rape was recognized under certain circumstances that signaled marriage breakdown. A committee called for the repeal of any kind of marital rape immunity on 9 September 2018.

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